Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We made it!

Hello everyone! We've made it to Darwin and we've been having heaps of fun so far! It's been an exciting few days meeting Australians, seeing some beautiful areas of their country and trying to get adjusted to the temperature here (it was a 30 degree Celsius difference from back home!). Here is an entry from my journal so you have an idea of how things have been so far.

Tuesday, Mar 31 3:42 AM
Jetlag....sweet. So far we've:
-Left Salmon Arm at 4:00 PM
-Nearly missed flight from Kelowna due to 'celebratory' beers (constant them, I think) in Airport Bar
-Meet up with Erin in Vancouver
-Chad lost his boarding pass
-Dave finds lost boarding pass and hides it from Chad to see how long it will take for him to notice it was gone
-Chad can't get to standby area without boarding pass and begins to freak out a little. Dave returns pass
-Found Airport bar. More celebratory beers
-Chad put money clip on table. Andrew steals it and gives it to Kathy
-Tried explaining the nuances of hockey to Erin. No luck.
-Paid for more celebratory beers with Chad's visa
-15 hour flight to Sydney. Fun. Watched a lot of movies
-Land in Sydney. Upon landing, Airport grounds crew promptly decide to go on strike.
-Nearly miss connecting flight to Darwin due to strike. Run to Terminal only to find that they have delayed the flight
-Luggage does not make the trip to Darwin. Great.
-Meet Julie Nicholson and Graeme Stephens in Darwin Airport
-Went to mall to purchase essentials (like toothpaste) until our luggage gets here
-Got called a bloke for the first time at the hotel. Thought this was hilarious.
-Went for dinner and then came home at 8:30 to go to bed! By now it's been about 48 hours without sleep!!!

What a fun trip so far!

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Mai H. said...

Hey from a 2008 GSE member (and Erin's co-worker).

Glad you guys got there safely. I can totally relate to the jetlag!
I hope you guys will get to write, but if the Australian Rotary members keeps you busy as much as the Korean ones, you will not have a chance. (:

Have fun!