Sunday, April 19, 2009

Magnetic Island Just Pulls You In!

As usual, the Rotarians who greeted us on 'Maggie Island' were extremely hospitable and treated us to a BBQ of chicken, steak, sausages, lots of salads, beer, and wine.

Later on in the evening we slipped away to an open air bar on the beach where we danced, drank, star gazed, and fell in love . . . with the island.

Our entire team returned with big smiles after a cruise around the island with John and Annette on their 58' catamaran.  Our one and only stop was in Florence Bay where we snorkeled and had a delicious lunch of cold ham, chicken, salad, and prawns.  Chad managed to assume the captains position at the helm to guide us through the shallows and reefs while everyone else lazed around and worked on their tans and snapped pictures.  There are lots of pictures to follow and more detailed updates about our time in Townsville.

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Nana2avaliam said...

Wow,looks like you are having a great time. Keep the photos coming! I love seeing what you are up to. Love Mom